07 Feb 2019

Guided tour and coffee tasting during your trip to cuba

Image Guided tour and coffee tasting during your trip to cuba

Cuba has been home to great coffee plantation fields since the late 18th century. In fact, Cuba is a large producer of the Arabica coffee. Cuba's coffee is popular for its flavor and strong taste. Cuba's coffee plantation is characterized by its amazing landscape, which features the natural forest and coffee plantation field, or fruit trees and coffee plantation field. In fact, the forest trees and the fruit trees serve as shades to the coffee plantation.

Explore and taste Cuba's coffee: some insights to help you

1- The first Coffee Plantation Fields are located in the Southeastern part of Cuba. Coffee plantations or “cafetales” in Cuba originated in the 19th century. The highlights of the tour include:

  • A visit of the first coffee plantation field and its landscape,
  • Insights about the first plantation methods,
  • The roles of slaves in coffee production,
  • Insights about the history of coffee plantations in Cuba.

2- Coffee Plantation La Isabella is a popular Cafe in La Gran Piedra, Cuba. Its origin dated back to the La Isabella Cafeteales in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. La Isabella Farm Estate was a two-storey estate mansion which belonged to French and Haitian settlers and coffee plantation owners.

After the closure of the coffee plantation in the mid-1970s, the mansion was turned into a museum. The main attractions of the museum are:

  • Background information about the owners and their portraits,
  • The roles of African slaves in the “cafetales,”
  • How the landscape was terraced,
  • The irrigation system used by the French and Haiti settlers,
  • How coffee beans were dried on terraced floors,
  • The coffee milling and processing.

3- Buena Vista Coffee Plantation is a popular historical coffee plantation in Las Terrazas, Cuba. Visit the area and discover:

  • Background information about its owners,
  • The roles of slaves in coffee production,
  • Buena Vista's landscape and location

Explore the modern coffee plantation in Cuba

  • Coffee plantation in Topes and Sierra Rosario: The plantation area is located by Santo Tomas caves. You will be amazed by the scenic landscape all around.
  • You can also visit the coffee plantation or cafetales in Soroa, Las Terrazas, and admire the fascinating landscape.

Coffee tasting in Cuba

  • In Cuba, coffee beans are roasted until their color turns dark. Then, roasted beans were finely ground, and brewed with an espresso machine or a moka pot.
  • The most popular way to brew coffee in Cuba is as an espresso, and it is usually served with brown sugar. Nowadays, coffee is roasted with chickpeas, which is known as the “café con chícharo”. It is also delicious.
  • Enjoy the fine taste of Cuba's coffee at the local cafés and restaurants.

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Visit Cuba's coffee plantations and taste your favorite beverage at the most important producer in the world.