In which countries should you visit coffee plantations?

Photo In which countries should you visit coffee plantations?

Coffee is the most popular drink in the world. To plant coffee, a lot of preparations have to be made, from its plantation to its harvest. Besides, in order to make a good cup of coffee, you have to roast the coffee beans, grind them, sieve to get fine powder, and brew with hot water.

Finally, separate the coffee drink from the coffee powder. Coffee drink can be served hot or cold, with milk, cream, sugar, or bitter. Coffee plantations can be found all over the world as long as the climate is favorable for its cultivation and flowering.

The International Coffee Organization issued the list of ten countries which produce the most coffees in the world (March 2018). Among these, Brazil tops the list; then come Columbia and Vietnam.

Coffee plantations: countries to visit

  •  Columbia: With its Coffee Cultural Landscape, the vast plantation field has become a World Heritage Site since 2011. The area has become a National Coffee Park, which attracts a myriad of visitors each year. The major coffee type in Columbia is Arabica.
  •  Vietnam: A huge producer of Robusta, Arabica and other varieties of Arabica coffee: Chari (Excelsa) and Catimor.
  •  Ethiopia: The main producer of Arabica coffee, the finest species of Coffea. The hot and humid climate in this country is favorable to this type of coffee. The coffee cherries come eight to nine months after flowering.
  •  Brazil: The plantation field covers about 27,000 square kilometers. The tropical climate is quite favorable for coffee production, which makes this country the largest coffee producer in the world. Brazil produces up to 2,609,040 tons of Arabica and Robusta annually.
  •  Hawaii: It is an important producer of Kona coffee, which is very high in demand. Kona coffee is also the most popular coffee in Hawaii.
  •  India: Coffee plantations are located in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. With its vast coffee plantation fields, India is a large producer of Arabica and Robusta coffee in the shade. The growing period is during the monsoon rainfall season.
  •  Madagascar: Coffee plantation fields are located in the northern part of the island. The most common coffee type is Arabica. The country also produces Robusta coffee.

Why is it important to visit a coffee-producing country?

To know more about coffee production, for example the best methods and techniques for growing coffee, it is highly recommended to visit a coffee-producing country.

There are many producers of coffee around the world. Every year, economists, and business owners, as well as tourists visit the vast coffee plantation in Brazil and Columbia to know more about the cultivation techniques.

Planning a trip to visit coffee plantations over the world

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